Shroud gives his take on Valorant vs CSGO: Which is harder?

Shroud on Valorant vs CSGOTwitch: Shroud

Former CSGO pro player and Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has weighed in on the argument that Valorant is more difficult than CSGO.

When it comes to tactical shooters, none are more popular than Valve’s CSGO and Riot’s Valorant. Although both games are extremely challenging to master, that doesn’t stop both communities from arguing their title is more difficult.

While this debate will no doubt continue long into the future, shroud has expressed his opinion on the matter – and as he’s massively respected in the tac-shooter community, fans were delighted to finally hear his take.

Unfortunately, shroud didn’t take a single side and settle the argument for good, but he did explain why both games are equally challenging in their own way.

Shroud on Valorant vs CSGORiot Games
Shroud has nearly 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Shroud explains why Valorant & CSGO are equally challenging

During his watch-along stream of the VCT Masters Berlin final, shroud was asked by a viewer whether he thought Valorant was more difficult than CSGO.

In response, he explained how both games were equally challenging in their own ways, so comparing their difficulty is always going to be hard. Despite this, he noted that both titles are incredibly complicated on a tactical level and take countless hours to fully understand.

Shroud even commented that one of the key differences between the games is map control and how it is taken on Valorant compared to CSGO. In Riot’s FPS, map control is never guaranteed, and taking it is a lot different due to the powerful role of abilities.

“I would say they’re equal in their own way, they’re both challenging games, it’s hard to say one’s harder than the other,” he said. “The strategy in this game [Valorant] is similar to CS in regards to map control, but the way you take map control is vastly different”.

While shroud’s take certainly hasn’t settled the ongoing difficulty debate between the Valorant and CSGO community, it has shown why making comparisons between the titles is so tricky.

Although they’re both in the same genre, they require different skills from players, particularly with the role of abilities in Valorant.

Who knows when – or if – the difficulty debate will ever end in the Valorant or CSGO community, but either way, it’s obvious both FPS games require a tremendous amount of time to master.