Valorant players say Jett is “dead” after patch 7.04 nerfs

Jett ValorantRiot Games

Valorant players have read the preview for patch 7.04 and have determined that the nerfs to Jett will kill the Agent.

Riot Games released a preview for Valorant patch 7.04 which includes changes to multiple Agents, but players have honed in on the nerfs to the community’s favorite Duelist, Jett.

The nerfs to the Agent include a decrease to her smoke duration and the time in which she can dash as well as an increase in the startup time for her dash among other big changes to her kit.

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The community has said that these changes will absolutely gut the Agent and people expect her pick rate to go down as a result.

Valorant community reacts to Jett nerfs

The professional community, who play a lot of Jett due to her power at the highest level of play, was not too happy with the barrage of nerfs to the Agent.

Fnatic’s Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev, one of the best Jett players in the world, said he would have rather seen Riot take a more methodical approach to nerfing the Agent.

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“Don’t see any reason why we can’t experiment with smaller changes than killing an agent as a whole and possibly not seeing it for a long time in the game instead of making more variety on what to play, like did they forget about Phoenix?” Derke said on social media.

One Valorant analyst, Matthew ‘slow’ Amuah, said that with the nerf the pro meta will return to Raze and Chamber as the primary Duelists.

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“Welcome back to the Raze Chamber meta Jett no longer has kneecaps,” he said.

Other Analysts seem to agree that the meta is wide open for another Duelist to take the reigns of the meta after this patch goes live.

The casual community, on the other hand, seems to be split between sadness that their main Agent is getting nerfed to the ground or happy that the Agent is no longer viable after years of Jett players running the show.

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The changes for Jett, and a host of other Agents, will hit the game on August 29. Fans will be able to see how the professional community reacts to the changes to the Agent in the VCT offseason.

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