Valorant pro fired over racist comments in ranked match

Luís Mira

TenTen, a professional Valorant player for NORTHEPTION, has been released from his contract after making racist remarks during a ranked match. On Twitter, he has apologized for his comments.

In a statement issued by Kazuhiro Owa, the organization’s CEO, NORTHEPTION explained that it terminated TenTen’s contract over racist remarks he made on July 4 while playing a pug match with other Asian players.

The decision comes after a video of a heated argument between TenTen and Rex Regum Qeon’s Saibani ‘fl1pzjder’ Rahmad went viral on Twitter. After the pair exchanged a few words, TenTen is heard saying “f**k India” in an apparent insult to fl1pzjder, who is from Indonesia.

“The racist comments made this time are unacceptable under any circumstance, and we take the situation very seriously,” NORTHEPTION said.

“We sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern this may have caused.”

Signed by NORTHEPTION in November 2022, TenTen was the team’s best-performing player in Valorant Challengers Japan, the country’s second-tier league. The Korean Duelist averaged a 1.24 rating in Split 1 and a 1.22 rating in Split 2, with the team finishing 5th-6th in both splits.

NORTHEPTION is a Japanese esports organization that has competed in Valorant since early 2021. Last year, their team attended VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen, where it finished 9th-10th.

TenTen reacts to NORTHEPTION release

On Twitter, TenTen apologized to those who were offended by his comments, which he classified as “inappropriate.”

“As a professional player and as a person, I deeply regret that I made unforgivable remarks,” he wrote. “I also take the punishment from the team very seriously. I’m so sorry.”

The news comes at a time when racism has become a hot topic in Asian Valorant. Earlier this week, RNG player Ali ‘Swerl’ Kobraee claimed on Twitter that he was racially abused during the Valorant Champions China Qualifier. He later deleted the tweet because of an “ongoing investigation” into his allegations.

Riot suspends TenTen and issues warning to fl1pzjder

On July 24, Riot released a statement on the incident after their investigation, announcing that TenTen had been suspended for the next four VCT matches and that fl1pzjder had been issued a warning letter.

“We have concluded investigations on the incident involving former Northeption’s TenTen and RRQ’s fl1zjder,” the statement reads. “Considerations were made around the levels of conduct by each player, in accordance to Riot’s policies on respectful behavior.

“Effectively immediately, TenTen will be suspended for the next four VCT matches, while fl1pzjder has been issued an official warning letter, with any misdemeanors resulting in further penalties.”