Valorant players slam Riot for “unacceptable” and “broken” ranked system

Shay Robson
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Valorant players are slamming Riot devs for “unacceptable” ranked disparity issues and are demanding fixes to the “broken system.”

All competitive games have their own MMR system that determines the players you’ll face when queuing into a game for the best experience.

However, Valorant players are frustrated with Riot’s confusing ranked system as players are encountering lower-ranked players making their way into the higher ranks.

Valorant ranks

In a Reddit thread posted on December 12, Valorant player McLoosTa hit out at the devs for the “broken” and “unacceptable” MMR system which caused a player to be put in a game with others that were ranked significantly higher.

The post caused confusion for many as to how the MMR system let this happen, as Valorant’s rank disparity only allows for players to queue with others up to one rank higher than them, but McLoosTa’s game went against those rules.

“I don’t think MMR can explain this. A gold 3 player up against an immortal? In what world is this okay? On top of this, my team is a lower rank player for player, yet I still lose the normal amount of RR I lose in a regularly balanced diamond game,” said McLoosTa. “This sh*t needs to be fixed. This is a broken system.”

While McLoosTa’s game could be an example of smurf – a high-ranked player on a new account –  Valorant players were stunned by how this managed to happen under any circumstances.

With Riot constantly investigating and making adjustments to the rank system, it’s likely that any serious issues with MMR will be fixed.