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Valorant player with Parkinson’s explains how he reached Immortal in inspirational TikTok

Published: 4/Jun/2021 23:34

by Michael Gwilliam


A Valorant player with Parkinson’s disease managed to rank up all the way to Immortal, and explained how he pulled it off in an inspirational TikTok video.

Valorant has taken the competitive FPS genre by storm. In just one year, it has captivated audiences with its intense gunplay and plethora of Agent mechanics that make it more than just your run-of-the-mill tactical shooter.

With such an emphasis on one’s own skill, however, the game can be tough for players new to the genre, or those who may not have the steadiest aim in the world.

That didn’t stop one player from stepping up to reach the second-highest rank in the game in Immortal – despite dealing with Parkinson’s.


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Long-range duels can be difficult if you have Parkinson’s,

Parkinson’s is a disease that can slow a person’s movement and cause hand tremors or shaking. As such, a game that requires precise aim can be a challenge for someone diagnosed with the disease.

Well, for the appropriately named ‘The Parkinson’s Guy/MrToes’ on TikTok, this wasn’t a problem for him, as he was able to solo-queue his way to Immortal and explained how he pulled it off.

“I know that playing in a high Diamond and Immortal lobby, I can’t really out-aim them, because my hand just simply shakes way too much,” he revealed.


@mrtoes.tvWatch out @tenzofficial I’ll see you in solo queue soon buddy ##valorant ##valorantclips ##valorantonly ##mrtoes ##gaming ##pc♬ original sound – The Parkinson’s Guy

He then compared himself to a guy on a basketball court handing out water and pretending that he’s on a team. While he is a Jett main himself, he can’t compete with other Immortal ranked Jetts and lets his team play the Agent while he fills.

“You don’t really need all aim in Valorant to get Immortal,” he added. “A lot of this game is about macro play, understanding how and when to rotate, how to trade, when to peak, the list goes on.”

@mrtoes.tvHas anybody ever heard of a recoil macro?? ##valorant ##valorantclips ##valorantonly ##mrtoes ##gaming ##pc♬ original sound – The Parkinson’s Guy

Amusingly, the player’s Parkinson’s has actually had others accuse him of using “recoil macros” because it looks so “unnatural.”


As such, it seems like he has more issues with players thinking he is hacking than his aim itself, which is wild to think about.

It just goes to show that just because something may seem daunting, it’s not impossible. Hopefully, the player can continue to rank up and even hit Radiant next. Seeing as how he’s gotten this far, the sky is certainly the limit.