Valorant player will donate $27 to charity for every shorty kill at VCT LOCK//IN

Team Vitality Valorant at Red Bull Home GroundRed Bull

Team Vitality player Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener has pledged to donate 25€, or about $27, for every kill with a shorty at the VCT LOCK//IN tournament.

The VCT LOCK//IN event is set to take place February 13 through March 4 and feature all 30 partnered Valorant teams along with two invited squads from China. Twisten, from the partnered team Vitality, announced on Twitter that he would donate $27 to an unnamed charity for every kill with the shotgun sidearm, the shorty, at the tournament.

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The event will feature over 30 matches, all of which are best-of-three outside of the semifinals and finals which are best-of-five. This will give players at the event many chances to purchase the sidearm and earn a kill with the weapon.

The shorty is the cheapest purchasable gun in Valorant. It has two shells in a magazine, with 10 in reserve, and is commonly used on eco rounds to catch opponents off guard in tight corners or as a sidearm for buy rounds. The gun is often used as a surprise purchase, or as a secondary close-ranged option for players using an Operator.

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When asked what charity he will donate to, Twisten told Dexerto he will give his contributions to either an animal charity, a charity that deals with mental health or a charity for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The Czech player did not specify which organizations he would donate to for these endeavors.

The charity initiative has gotten positive feedback from the Valorant community and was even retweeted by the main Vitality Twitter account.

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Fans can tune into VCT LOCK//IN starting on February 13 to see how many pros try to get a kill with the shorty and give some money to charity.

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