VALORANT First Strike: How 100 Thieves & Heretics Became Unlikely Champions

The Valorant First Strike Global Finals crowned regional champions all around the world, with various teams marking their respective territory ahead of the Champions Tour.

But in two of Future Earth’s major regions, two unlikely victors emerged, as 100 Thieves & Team Heretics stampeded through their Main Event bracket. Here’s how both Hiko & loWel rallied the troops and led their teams to a Major event win.

With a series of upsets that led to a Grand Final nobody saw coming, the event was an incredible sight to behold. A worldwide spectacle, Heretics fought their way through Europe’s titans, besting Team Liquid, and G2 Esports.

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It came incredibly close, all in all. loWel and their teammates were extremely focused on winning, and win they did. They capped off the event with a dominant 13-1 win on Summons Kryptonite of Ascent.

Avova was complementing the teams’ flashy plays by utilizing Omen and Brimstone. This was an extremely crucial element in securing the win during Heretic’s retakes – a vastly improved aspect of their gameplay compared to prior matches.

Looking ahead to the Champion’s tour, both Heretics and 100 Thieves will no doubt be looking to fly their continent’s flag in the first-ever international LAN event for the title.

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