Valorant devs respond to Raze “shadow nerf” as Blast Pack bug appears in 4.10 patch

Valorant RazeRiot Games

Riot Games was quick to address an alarming Raze “shadow nerf” following Valorant’s 4.10 update as players noticed a glaring issue with her Blast Packs, severely limiting her momentum.

Valorant’s 4.10 update deployed on May 24 and while the patch implemented a range of bug fixes and quality of life upgrades, it also introduced a handful of new problems. 

Just hours after experimenting with the latest build, players quickly felt something was off with Raze. The explosive Duelist Agent known for blasting her way through any given map was suddenly less agile.

Rather than flying through the air with help from her Blast Pack ability, Raze-mains noticed they were a little more grounded following the latest patch. While some believed this was a secret nerf not disclosed in the patch notes, it turned out to be an unintended bug that’s since been resolved. 

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“Anyone noticed Raze’s satchels got shadow nerfed?” Reddit user ‘anasDTN’ questioned after testing out the new update. 

With a clip showcasing the change in motion, Raze can be seen struggling to reach the same heights as she once did prior to the 4.10 patch. “She doesn’t go as far or as high anymore,” the player claimed.

It didn’t take long for the floodgates to open from there, with hundreds of Valorant players soon chiming in to echo a similar sentiment. This outpouring quickly caught the attention of the crew in charge, leading to a swift response.

“It’s a bug,” Valorant Game Designer ‘penguin’ confirmed on Reddit in reply to the backlash. Hours later and the official Valorant account announced a hotfix was pushed live on May 25 to resolve the unintended changes.

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“Heads up that a fix is out for the UI bug that was visible throughout your matches, and for the movement bug with Raze’s Blast Pack and Showstopper.”

Jumping back into Valorant from this point forward, Raze should be functioning as intended once again. Thus, it’s safe to expect some aerial antics if you bump into an enemy Raze, no different from usual.

With any lingering issues from Valorant’s latest patch now settled, it’s just a matter of time before the next update rolls around. While it’s early days yet, it appears a brand-new map is on the horizon, one that’s different from anything we’ve seen to date.

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