Valorant players demand replay system in 2022 to improve competitive play

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Valorant players are demanding Riot Games add a long-desired replay system to the game in 2022 to improve the competitive scene moving forward.

Valorant’s release in 2020 left out a crucial feature that many players were astonished to find wasn’t in the game – a replay mode that allows players watch previous matches and analyze them.

A replay system has been introduced in many competitive games such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and others. Its purpose is to allow players and coaches to examine their matches.

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However, after almost two years since Valorant’s release, the feature that was promised to “definitely” come still hasn’t arrived, and fans are becoming impatient.

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In a January 21 Reddit post, Valorant player Runiten demanded the devs add the replay system in 2022 after it was promised by the devs during the beta that it would be added.

“We need replays,” said Runiten. “From the esports side of things, teams would get the analysis tool they deserve with a replay system, instead of having to watch a VOD or a recorded game from a single perspective.

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“From the competitive, ranked ladder side of things, individuals would no longer have to record their games and could also learn from watching the enemy’s perspective of their own actions. From the casual side of things, that friend who popped off one round and killed the whole enemy team with the bucky could watch it again and again and again.”

Other fans agreed, and are confused why it was never added during the game’s development: “How this wasn’t built into the game’s development process is mind-blowing to me,” said one player.

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Another added: “I was surprised it’s not in the game after pulling a few good plays without having OBS running. You’d think a feature like that would be in by default.”

In April 2020, during Valorant’s beta, a Riot dev confirmed that a replay mode won’t be at launch, but will definitely be added at some point.

However, it took Riot seven years to develop a replay mode for League of Legends, so it could be a little while longer till we see it in Valorant. Players, though, want it as soon as possible.

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