Valorant devs confirm fix for BlastX bug that reveals enemies through walls

Brad Norton
Valorant BlastX skins

A new game-breaking bug in Valorant is revealing Agents through walls thanks to a glitch with the popular BlastX skin line.

When it comes to weapon skins in Valorant, the intention is for them to provide cosmetic flair without impacting the game. While some come with unique animations and others have devastating finisher effects to end a round, there’s one that’s going against the grain.

The BlastX skins currently have the potential to change the course of a match. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Nerf Gun-inspired designs have been hit with a critical issue. Players using the weapon skins can have their position revealed through walls.

When swapping weapons with this skin equipped, your Agent unwraps the guns each time. It’s this wrapping effect that has caught the attention of players online and now, developers at Riot Games are on the case.

The issue first caught fire when Brazil’s top player was accused of cheating. In the midst of a regular stream on March 8, ‘Aspas’ spotted an enemy gun through a wall on Ascent. It didn’t help them secure the kill, though viewers instantly noticed something was off.

While many looked to accuse the top-ranked Radian player of using wall-hacks, it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all. The enemy was actually revealed due to a game-breaking bug with the BlastX skin line in Valorant.

“This is a bug with the Christmas skins when you upgrade them,” 100 Thieves star Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk explained on Reddit.

“When you pull out the gun, they show the packaging of the gun through walls. Don’t recommend using that skin until it gets patched.”

At first, developers even shot down this theory, arguing that the BlastX skins couldn’t have caused the issue. Though ‘oniram177‘ soon turned around after being provided with more evidence. “I’m collecting all of these examples for the team so the more we have the better it will be for us to understand,” they said.

In another example from Noah ‘rara’ Giesbrecht of Dignitas, we see a similar instance of the BlastX weapon wrap phasing through a wall. “What was that?” the North American pro questioned in the midst of a game on Haven.

“That there shows up as a clear example of the issue we see with BlastX where the wrapping paper stretches,” oniram177 followed up.

So while the skin line hasn’t been disabled, devs have been looking into a fix. After just one week of investigating the issue and all now appears to have been resolved. 

“As a heads up, we’ve fixed this issue and it will be rolled out in the next patch,” oniram177 said on March 15. No specific date is yet locked in for the next update, but rest assured you’ll be able to use BlastX skins without problems moving forward.