Ultimate Valorant Quiz: how well do you know Future Earth?

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Valorant may not have the longest history in terms of release date, but what it does have is a whole host of awesome characters and maps to try and get your head around. Take our Valorant quiz to find out just how well you know Riot’s FPS.

When you take your first steps onto Future Earth it can be a pretty daunting place. Between the numerous different Agents and their unique abilities, and then the extensive gun store that sells weapons with crazy names, it can be a lot to learn.

The lore around each Agent still remains pretty mysterious, but it’s worth knowing everything you can about each character in order to really be able to conquer the Valorant fray. How do their abilities work? What do they do? What weapon do they use best?

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Well, this quiz is the perfect test of your Valorant knowledge. It’s not all about that, though, because we hope that by taking this quiz you’ll learn a little more about how the game operates and, in turn, be able to utilise that in game.

Or, alternatively, you can flex among your friends to see who really knows Valorant best. Either way, it’s going to be a fun one. So select your Agent and get ready to go, Dexerto’s ultimate (get it?) Future Earth quiz awaits!

Take our Valorant quiz!

So are you showing them how the boss does it? Or are you still trying to keep up with Jett? Either way we hope you learned a little bit more about Valorant with this quiz.

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