TSM Valorant reveal complete 2022 VCT roster

Alan Bernal
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TSM revealed their Valorant roster for the 2022 VCT circuit by keeping two stars complemented by former FaZe Clan and Immortals players.

After Riot Games’ first full year of competitive Valorant, TSM are revamping their five-player lineup in hopes of competing against top NA teams in the region.

The team promoted Head Coach Andrew ‘aRubyz’ Seewer and assistant coach Austin ‘Apex’ Copeland from the Academy program to lead the main roster through a rebuild in 2022.

TSM 2022 Valorant roster

tsm valorant
TSM have rebuilt its Valorant roster for 2022, keeping Wardell and Subroza in the lineup.

TSM brought back OP ace Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu along with captain Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik as the only remnants of last year’s team.

To complement their duo core, TSM signed FaZe Clan support ‘Corey’ Nigra and are pairing him with emerging talents Aleko ‘LeviathanAG’ Gabuniya and former Immortals player Daniel ‘Rossy’ Abedrabbo as IGL.

Corey’s time on FaZe saw the org keep a top-5 position in NA up until Stage 3 when teams started to figure out how to tame ‘the smeag.’ Meanwhile, Rossy’s Immortals managed to overcome TSM a few times, as the two orgs jostled in positioning throughout VCT 2021.

“Excited to be a part of the TSM family,” Corey said of his transfer. “Would like to give FaZeClan a big thank you for everything they’ve done for me since the switch to Valorant. Let’s get this baby!”

LeviathanAG started playing for the org in time for Stage 3 Challengers 2, a couple of weeks after his former Noble team eliminated TSM in S3 Challenger 1.

The black-and-white refreshed their lineup in hopes of earning a better placement than they did in VCT 2021.

TSM bowed out of the Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs in the first lower bracket round to Rise. TSM ended 10th in the NA standings with 40 total circuit points.

TSM 2022 Valorant roster:

  • Daniel ‘Rossy’ Abedrabbo
  • Aleko ‘LeviathanAG’ Gabuniya
  • Corey ‘Corey’ Nigra
  • Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu
  • Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik