TenZ explains why he wants accidental Jett nerf in Valorant to be permanent

TenZ Sentinels and Jett ValorantRiot Games/Sentinels

Valorant pro Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo has responded to the accidental Jett nerf deployed in Patch 3.08, suggesting that they should actually make the change permanent.

Valorant patch 3.08 dropped on Tuesday, October 19, and as one of the most popular picks in the game, Jett’s changes were very quickly noticed.

As the devs explained in their response, Jett’s weapon equip out from her dash (Tailwind) became longer than intended and Updraft cost more than it should.

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The bugs were unintentional, but it was suggested that they’re not severe enough to redeploy the patch, so a fix may have to wait until patch 3.09.

Since Jett is one of the most picked Agents in the game with a solid win rate and a constant in almost any match you play, many players were understandably frustrated to see their main affected.

On the contrary, though, some players believe it could actually be a good change that benefits the game. That includes TenZ, often regarded as one of the best Valorant players in the world.

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“Honestly if they leave Jett this way I don’t mind,” he said in an October 20 tweet. “Seems like a decent nerf to a character who is picked almost all the time.”

Based on the devs’ response to the accidental nerf, it seems unlikely that TenZ gets his wish, but it’s definitely a discussion that has split the community.

This may well give Riot Games more food for thought over the state of Jett in Valorant, and could help them decide on further Jett alterations down the line.

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