s0m claims NRG Valorant signing included both him and FNS as a package deal

Daniel Appleford

Valorant star s0m revealed that he ended his hiatus to join NRG Esports specifically because FNS would be joining the team with him.

After a loss to Billibilli Gaming at Champions 2023, NRG was eliminated from the tournament before reaching playoffs, which resulted in multiple roster changes. NRG brought on Marved, Ethan, and Demon1, while FNS and s0m took a step back to pursue streaming.

Despite having two recently crowned champions on their roster in Ethan and Demon1, NRG could not replicate their success from previous years. NRG missed out on both Masters Madrid and Masters Shanghai, which resulted in another roster change towards the end of the year with the hope of making it to Champions at the end of the year.

Before the start of the second split for VCT Americas, NRG opted to bring back the two players who had brought success to the team in previous years. However, according to s0m, the deal would have only happened if FNS had agreed to join the team as well.

NRG Esports 2023 VCT roster
s0m and FNS with their 2023 roster

In an interview with Esports.gg, s0m revealed that he would not have returned to NRG if a package deal hadn’t been made. Meaning that had FNS not stepped forward, both would likely still be pursuing their streaming careers.

“FNS mentioned the team reaching out to both of you at the same time. So, was it sort of a package deal? Where you would only come back if he did?”

s0m: “From my standpoint, yes. If I were to be offered by them, just me on my own, it would be a no for me. And I think they knew that. So, yeah.”

FNS and s0m have been out of competitive play for almost a year and will make their debuts during the second split for VCT Americas on June 22 against former Masters Madrid winners Sentinels.