Simple Valorant trick lets you boost teammates like in CSGO

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Valorant doesn’t exactly let players boost each other to high places like they can in CSGO, but there’s a slick workaround that can give a similar effect that’s been found on maps like Bind and Ascent.

Instead of Agents being used as a temporary platform which people can safely and reliably climb to get to higher angles, people are basically squeezing under their teammates by crouching as they jump to achieve a boost.

This is a kind of makeshift boost, since Agents typically just slide off the top of other’s character model if they try to stack on top of each other.

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Some people know this trick as a ‘head boost,’ but there are some spots throughout different maps that could make it harder to pull off than others.

The trick is simple: the boosted player backs themselves into a corner next to the ledge they want to elevate themselves on and starts to jump. Meanwhile, a teammate needs to crouch under them so that the other Agent catches on top of the player model.

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This multi-step boost will require the person providing assistance to stand from their crouch position once their ally manages to jump again in mid-air.

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The extra elevation from the standing player will give them just enough height to make it to the top of the desired platform.

YouTuber ‘Brush’ showed how it can be a helpful trick to learn on Ascent since it lets players boost to the A site boxes without using an ability, and is fairly quick to achieve – even in a mid-round setting.

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An adaptation to the trick lets players ditch the need for a corner by pinching one person in between two other teammates. YouTuber ‘AmbushTricks’ showed how players can get crafty with these tricks to set up traps for the other team.

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This can obviously be a bit overkill since it demands the attention of over half the team to pull off, but it can net a quick kill in certain scenarios.

Valorant gives people a ton of tools to work with, and, using a bit of intuition, they can discover ingenious ways to play around the game’s mechanics for sneaky outplays.