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Insane Valorant Ascent wall bang spot will catch your enemies off-guard

Published: 18/Jun/2020 6:46

by Brad Norton


Most of the weapons in Valorant are capable of shooting through walls to some degree. Many can pierce through thin surfaces, others can go through thicker slabs. Though a newfound spot on Ascent might be the most absurd wall bang to date.

If an enemy escapes from your direct line of sight in Valorant, there’s a good chance you can still find the pick. A few shots through almost any surface in the game, and damage will still follow through due to bullet penetration.

Many of these wall bang spots only really come into play once a round has progressed and attackers have started to make a push. Bucking that trend, however, a new spot has been uncovered on Ascent. One that could easily find you a multi-kill in the opening seconds of a round.


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Riot Games
Pushing through to the B site on Ascent could be made easier thanks to this new wall bang.

When attacking on Ascent, players can push right and wrap around to the A site, advance through the middle of the map, or rush onto the B site. If you’re going for the latter, there’s a good chance that enemies are already holding an angle right around the corner from the pre-round barriers.

With little cover in the space and just one corner to separate you, it can be difficult to make this strategy work. However, players can shockingly get kills before even pushing. As the round begins, a simple tap through a set of doors just out of the map, and multiple enemies could be dealt with in an instant.


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Absolutely insane Wallbang spot on Ascent from ValorantCompetitive

If a Defender is hanging around the corner at B, a wide array of weapons can be used to catch them by surprise. Without ever laying an eye on them, you can spray through these doors with an Odin, snipe with an Operator, or click heads with a Sheriff. 

Bullets fly straight through the surface and while they lose a slight amount of damage, a few shots are still enough to put anyone down.

Just be careful as trying the trick a few rounds in a row could eventually backfire. After all, enemies are more than capable of shooting back through the exact same spot.


Riot Games
You may be surprised just how much damage certain weapons can deal through walls.

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Without official comment from the developers at Riot, there’s no telling if this is an intended wall bang or not. It may be deemed too powerful and chalked from the game in the next big update. Or it could remain a devastating spot for you to be cautious of every time Ascent pops up in the rotation.

If you’re struggling with wall bangs across Valorant’s four maps, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth guide right here.