Shroud claims Valorant’s new Agent Neon is “trash” and won’t be picked

shroud/Riot Games

Neon may be the latest Agent to be added to Valorant, but Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek believes she doesn’t have what it takes to be a viable pick in the current meta.

Valorant’s latest Agent Neon has been receiving a lot of attention from the game’s playerbase. The lightning-fast Duelist is known for her ability to rush into action and electrify enemies with her ultimate. 

Despite being the fastest Agent in Valorant, many pro players like EXCEL’s paTiTek have been keen to voice their opinions on her place within the VCT meta.

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek also recently added to this discussion, with the streamer believing that Neon doesn’t have what it takes to be competitively viable. This largely comes down to her hyper-aggressive kit and lack of utility. 

Shroud gives opinion on Valorant’s Neon

shroud playing Neon in ValorantRiot Games
shroud believes Neon isn’t a competitively viable pick in Valorant.

Like most multiplayer games, Valorant’s meta is constantly changing and certain Agents receive more play than others. However, one character that has received a lot of attention is that of Neon – Valorant’s speedy Duelist. 

Of course, just because an Agent has a high pick rate, it doesn’t mean they’re competitively viable. In fact, shroud believes that Neon is far from being meta. “F**king trash character. She can be fun though, sliding in and sh*t. I just don’t see her fitting into any professional meta.” 

This sentiment echoes shroud’s previous thoughts on Neon, where he explained that her kit is fun to use, but her overall utility is on the low side when compared to other Agents. “Like, maybe someone will on Haven might try her, but she’s just not good.” 

While Neon may struggle to find her place within the pro scene, that doesn’t mean the Duelist won’t see play elsewhere. Whether Riot will make any adjustments to her kit in the future remains to be seen, but for now, shroud believes Neon will remain a pick purely for public matches.