Shadow-form Valorant Agent concept turns players into human drones

Brad Norton
Valorant Guru Agent concept

The latest Valorant Agent concept looks to completely flip the tactical FPS on its head with a unique addition that turns players into powerful human drones.

When it comes to new Agents in Valorant, the developers will be the first to admit that some haven’t quite had the desired impact. While Astra’s potential remains to be seen in the competitive environment, earlier additions like Yoru have fallen short.

Looking to buck that trend and truly shake things up, Reddit user ‘RivalRudra’ has put together a fascinating Agent design unlike anything else in the game today. From unique abilities to one of the more intriguing Ultimates on paper, Guru could be just what Valorant needs.

The impressive concept comes with a full rundown on every ability along with a fresh visual design to boot.

Guru: Valorant’s most intriguing Agent yet?

Valorant Guru Agent concept
Revenant State allows Guru to enter his shadow-form, turning completely invulnerable for a short period.

Taking inspiration from Omen’s backstory, Guru is exactly what the shadow-based Controller should have been. While Omen’s experiment failed, leaving him as a complete shadow, Goru is a “perfect blend,” able to change forms at will.

Referred to as ‘Revenant State,’ this form allows Guru to manipulate shadowy powers. Similar to Viper, these effects work by draining a ‘Dark Matter’ gauge. When the abilities are active, the gauge will slowly drain. While they’re disabled, however, the gauge will begin to refill.

While in this form, Guru becomes completely invulnerable. It may immediately sound overpowered, but there’s a considerable tradeoff. Guru is also unable to shoot while in Revenant State.

Therefore, he serves as more of an intel-based Agent. Capable of gaining information without taking any damage in the process.

Guru’s abilities

Valorant Guru Agent concept
Guru’s complete set of abilities.

This new kit is based on gathering intel and disorienting enemies. While immune, Guru is able to enter a new position with minimal risk. Utilizing the Surface Latch ability allows him to latch onto any wall within sight. When attached, the Agent functions similar to Cypher’s Spycam. Guru is able to look around and gather information while immune.

Meanwhile, the Revenant Flight Ultimate works in much the same way. However, instead of latching onto a surface, Guru is able to fly anywhere on the map without taking damage. This means he quite literally fly into a site, call out enemy positions, and land safely while his team pushes forward.

While in flight, Guru is also able to use his other abilities to disorient enemies, though no meaningful damage can be dealt. 

Ability 1 (Q) – Dark Patrol

EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to launch a projectile that seeks out the nearest enemy and marks them on the minimap for allies and yourself

Ability 2 (E) – Surface Latch

EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to tap into Revenant State and latch onto a suitable wall. When latched, use the mouse to look around. Latching lasts until the Dark Matter gauge empties.

Signature Ability (C ) – Chaos Charge

EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to launch a projectile which upon collision, deals 25 damage and causes the Shambles effect. Allies take lesser damage and don’t get the Shambles effect.

Shambles inverts enemy controls for both aim and movement.

Ultimate Ability (X) – Revenant Flight

EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to tap into Revenant State and rise up into the air. Then, freely fly and land anytime. Flight lasts until the Dark Matter gauge empties. Abilities can be used (except Surface Latch) while in flight.

Valorant Guru Agent concept
While Guru’s kit might seem powerful, abilities recharge slower than you might expect.

Obviously, without his gun at the ready, Guru’s kit is almost entirely dependent on his team. While he can gather all the intel in a round, it’ll only be effective if his team is ready to cooperate. 

There’s no telling if we’ll ever see an Agent quite like this in Valorant. Though there’s no denying it’s certainly one of the more intriguing concepts to date.