ScreaM’s Top 10 Valorant moments so far

. 1 year ago
ScreaM's top 10 plays in Valorant
Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom has had a wildly successful Valorant career after moving over from the CSGO competitive sphere. Two words describe his peak-performance: headshot machine. Let’s take a look at the star’s top-1o moments.
Jumping into Valorant as soon as the game released, ScreaM hit the ground running. He had the highest headshot ratio of any pro on the CSGO scene, and it’s safe to say he’s carried that form over to Valorant.

Now, he’s throwing knives as Jett and running wild with Reyna in Riot’s Future Earth. Finding 10 unbelievable moments from his Valorant career so far wasn’t a tall order.

Famed throughout his career for his penchant for landing insane headshots, people are always talking about his one-taps. Given how fantastic his performance has been in Valorant since he made the switch, and previously in Counter-Strike, it’s only fitting we look at the legend in the making’s most iconic plays.

Some of our top-ten plays include a deadly triple-kill against FunPlus Phoenix which saw ScreaM shutting down their anti-eco threat in a flash; and the Grand Final at Red Bull’s Home Ground event which saw him delivering an icy cool cutch when it mattered most.

For all of our top moments, make sure to check out the full video above.

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