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Behind ScreaM’s INSANE Ace clutch | CLIP IT!

Published: 23/Aug/2021 6:53 Updated: 23/Aug/2021 7:03

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s headshot machine Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom has hit clip after clip since transitioning into Riot’s FPS title, but none were more mental than his Jett Ace against G2 Esports on Icebox at Red Bull Home Ground 2021.

With the match heading into overtime on Map 1 and ScreaM stuck in a 1v4, it’s easy to just throw in the towel.

However, that’s not in ScreaM’s vocabulary, as he pulled out one of the best plays in Valorant history to save the round, and it had the Liquid faithful screaming “clip it” at the top of their lungs.


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