Riot reveals exclusive Valorant reward for Twitch viewers

Riot Games

Have you been diligently watching Valorant on Twitch to try and get a beta key? Well, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a special in-game memento ⁠— even if you haven’t gotten beta access yet.

The only way players have been able to get access to the Valorant beta is through Twitch drops. First, it was select streamers. Now, you can watch almost anyone on the platform and have a chance to get in.

Riot has been keeping an eye on how popular Valorant has been on the platform, and is looking to reward the dedicated hustlers who have spent hours waiting for access ⁠— or just enjoying their favorite streamers playing their new FPS title.

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“As thanks for all your interest in the Valorant closed beta and hanging out with the Twitch community, we have a small gift,” the developers said in a May 4 tweet.

What will players get? An “exclusive player card” featuring Brimstone saluting in the background, and the Twitch logo in the foreground. It’s a small gesture, but a nice one.

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If you want to get one for yourself but aren’t in the closed beta, don’t stress. “Even if you don’t get in [the closed beta], this’ll be in your account at launch.”

The player card does come with strings attached though. You have to watch two hours of Valorant on Twitch to be eligible.

It’s unclear as to whether players who hadn’t reached two hours of viewing time yet will be eligible in the future. It’s also unknown as to whether it’s region locked to areas where Valorant closed beta servers are open.

However, outside of that, it’s all yours. It’ll go to the Riot account linked to your Twitch account, and you’ll be able to equip it when you log in next ⁠— or when you finally get access, whether that be in the closed beta, or later.

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If you haven’t had the chance to experience Valorant first-hand yet, it shouldn’t be long until you can. Valorant’s closed beta is expanding to Latin America, Brazil, and South Korea in under 24 hours, and more regions are on their way yet.

Keep watching those Twitch streams to get a chance at getting beta access, and you can maybe pick up a player card while you’re at it.