Riot responds to Valorant glitch not giving players in-game rewards

by Brad Norton
Riot Games


Riot Games has addressed a critical issue impacting the launch of Valorant that restricts players from unlocking any new Agents or cosmetic items.

While you may be looking to unlock Agents as soon as possible in Valorant, a pesky bug is preventing players from making progress. From weapon skins to Agents themselves, various unlocks have been glitched since launch.

You may have to stick with the starting Agents for the time being, though a fix could soon be on the way according to the latest comment from Riot Games.


“We're currently deploying and testing a fix to get earning content back working correctly for those affected,” Valorant dev ‘NoPlantsDance’ said. “Once this is confirmed, we'll move onto retroactively granting content to anyone who encountered these problems.”

Players are still able to tally up experience and progress through the Battle Pass, despite the issue, though your rewards at each tier likely won’t be available until this fix is deployed.


The Episode 1 Battle Pass and an introductory set of unlocks provide a slew of cosmetics and in-game rewards. However, many players will have to stick with the starting Agents for the time being. 

Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova are the five available Agents before selecting your additional unlocks. With no ETA for the fix, you’ll have to master these five characters before jumping to the rest. This means no trying out the brand new Reyna outside of the Practice Range as well.


“We are working on it. Have identified a fix, will be testing it soon,” the dev added.

Riot Games
Here are the five starting Agent's that you'll have access to until the fix is deployed.

All experience gains prior to the upcoming fix will carry through regardless. So there’s no need to worry about losing progress in that regard. 

Whether you’re grinding Unrated or the brand new Spike Rush playlist, you’ll still be earning rewards. They just won’t be accessible until Riot pushes out its hotfix.