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Riot Games shuts down and sues popular Valorant cheat sellers

Published: 28/Jan/2022 15:14

by Connor Bennett


Riot Games have gone after yet another Valorant cheat seller, managing to shut them down through a course of legal action. 

For as long as multiplayer games have been around, so has cheating. Whether it’s against friends or random foes online, players have always tried to get an advantage – be it through in-game exploits or the use of hacks.

In recent years, game developers have stepped up their attempts to make cheating a thing of the past, with plenty of mixed results. That includes Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat system in Valorant.

When the anti-cheat system was first touted, it appeared that cheating just simply wouldn’t happen in Valorant. Though, that hasn’t been the case. Plenty of wallhacks and aimbots have influenced matches over time, prompting Riot to step up.


Riot Games
Valorant’s anti-cheat has been touted as one of the best on the FPS market.

The game developers have managed to root out a few cheat sellers previously, and now they’ve taken down another set of popular distributors – Enduty and ValoDLL.

The shutdown of the cheat sellers were highlighted by Anti-Cheat PD on Twitter, showing off screenshots of them talking about being hit by Riot. That included a cease and desist notice, which prompted the shutdown.

Another message, seemingly from another user, backed up the story. “After new information came to my attention, I can confirm he was sued by Riot,” they said. “And, was forced to close down everything.”

While the shutdown is obviously a victory for Riot, and Valorant players, rooting out cheat sellers, on the whole, is a difficult thing to do.


When one cheater is shut down, they either try to resurface under a different name, or another takes their place entirely like a never-ending game of whack a mole. It remains to be seen how they’ll continue to deal with the issues.