Riot suing Valorant cheat maker for costing them millions

Valorant characters next to moneyRiot Games/Unsplash

Riot Games appear to be cracking down on cheaters after teaming up with Bungie to sue a popular cheating website that sells hacks for Valorant, among plenty of other games. 

Cheating in multiplayer games is not a new phenomenon. Players are always looking to get an upper-hand – be it through an in-game exploit that is on the devs to patch out, or be it through outside help like hacks. 

With Valorant, Riot Games took their anti-cheat software to the next level with the Vanguard system, which should end games as soon as a cheater is discovered. However, plenty slip through the cracks, and games can be ruined by a hacker. 

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Yet, it looks like the League of Legends publishers have grown tired of cheats ruining games, as they’ve teamed up with Bungie to take on GatorCheats – a popular website that sells cheats for a whole library of games. 

Valorant anti-cheat VanguardRiot Games
Riot made bold claims about the capabilities of their anti-cheat systems.

According to the complaint, which was first obtained by Polygon, both Riot and Bungie are arguing that the damage done by cheats “may amount to millions of dollars” in harm.

This is because, as they argue, the games make money through microtransactions and having a large player base. Having some of that player base turned off because they’ve had negative experiences against cheaters, damages the publisher’s chances at making the game successful.

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“Riot is wholly committed to upholding these values for its players, so when we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them,” a Riot rep said to Polygon.

Riot, Bungie lawsuit by Polygondotcom

Additionally, there isn’t the first time that either of these publishers have gone after the website in question. The complaint notes that Bungie issued the website with a cease and desist – an order to stop disturbing the cheats – back in November.

The website was also hit with a case from Activision over Call of Duty: Warzone cheats. 

The lawsuit is a fair way off reaching court, but the GatorCheats website has since been stripped bare – now having an “under construction” message.

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We’ll have to wait and see as to whether or not the developers get what they want, or if the cheats end up being distributed elsewhere. Only time will tell.