Riot Games unveil new Valorant ban system coming soon

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer chQ8y6w9]A new system will be introduced in Valorant that will notify cheaters they have been banned from the game, and Riot expect the update to roll out soon.

Cheaters have been a constant issue for Riot with titles spanning their catalogue including Valorant, League of Legends, and more. The studio has been taking a more direct approach to its anti-cheat system that severely punishes those it catches.

It’s an extreme direction to be sure, and one that’s drawn immense criticism over Vanguard’s kernel-level drivers, but the devs are sticking with it to ensure the most security they can manage for their tactical shooter.

Since then, Riot have been able to snuff out thousands of cheaters from their game, but now they’re going to implement a notification post that will tell people why they’ve been banned and for what reason.

Riot’s new system will notify cheaters that they’ve been banned and for what reason.

“Our platform team has put in a new system [that] will be going live soon,” Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler said. “[It] will inform players if they have been banned and for what reason when they log in.”

Along with the announcement, Ziegler posted an image of what it would look like to have one of these notifications pop on your screen.

While the example was adjusted to indicate a permanent ban, this could also be applied “with appropriate wording” depending on the cause for a suspension.


The pop-up prompt will redirect people to “learn more about third-party software” that Vanguard does not allow – which would probably be the reason they were banned in the first place.

On July 2, Riot announced another wave of bans due to their system which left 3707 accounts barred from logging onto Valorant, according to Principal Anti-Cheat Engineer Phillip Koskinas.

It’s unclear if those accounts got a similar message, but the next installment of punishments will now tack on a displayed message for those affected, which will let them know exactly why they’ve been ousted from Valorant.

Riot’s saga against cheaters has been a long and winding road – especially with the implementation of ‘soul bans‘ – which they hope to get a better hold of as the company continues to develop and improve its prized and popular new first person shooter.