Easy Valorant trick lets players avoid repeatedly getting the same maps

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer bdZorp5K]There’s a simple trick in Valorant that changes up the maps in matchmaking to prevent players from getting stuck with the same locales in consecutive games.

While there’s been key adjustments to some of Valorant’s less favorable maps since the beta, playing on the same battlefield for five or six games in a row can make the tactical shooter feel stagnant.

It’s because of this that the game’s community has been wanting the devs to look into the map rotation of matchmaking so that there’s a better chance at landing at any of the other locations that are currently available.

The map selection in Valorant can lead to people landing in the same place for consecutive matches.

Until Riot Games manages to come out with a fix, people have noticed that there’s a small workaround that’s reportedly been paying dividends when addressing the problem.

“People complaining about getting the same maps in Valorant: remake your lobby,” Alex ‘LeX’ Deily said on Twitter. “This has been a bug since the beginning of beta. You’ll almost always get a new map.”

Apparently, when Valorant’s matchmaking is set on its way and consecutively picks the same map, resetting the lobby introduces a chance to get on a different setting. Simply refrain from clicking ‘Start’ to queue up for another game, and leave your current party.

Remake the lobby with the same people that were in it, and the game should “almost always” give you a new map.

“Nah, just when you’re in your lobby screen,” the former CSGO and CoD pro said. “Instead of queueing again and getting split for the 13th time in a row, remake a lobby with the same people in it. Boom new map guaranteed.”

This workaround has been prevalent since the beta, but as more people are discovering Riot’s new shooter, the tip can offer a bit of respite for people stuck on Haven all night. While this isn’t a permanent fix for the lack of map diversity in the queue system, it’s at least something to break the cycle if you’re getting Ascent over and over again.

Until Riot can come out with a meaningful change to prevent these kinds of map streaks in Valorant, this trick can be a good way to break the chain on your own.

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