Paper Rex add Russian Valorant up-and-comer something to roster

Declan Mclaughlin
Paper Rex something jersey

Paper Rex have announced the addition of Russian player Ilya ‘something’ Petrov who last played for Sengoku Gaming in the Valorant Challengers Japan league.

Paper Rex have added an up-and-coming Russian player to its team in something ahead of the VCT Pacific League. something, who was linked to the team by Dot Esports, last played for Sengoku Gaming in Japan where he finished fourth in the first split of the 2023 season.

something was arguably the best player in the Japanese league. He even set a new record for the most kills in a pro match with Sengoku. He was also part of a group of Russian players that are competing in Japan due to the region’s need for imports and their proximity to the country.

Whether something will play with the main roster, or stay on the bench, has not been revealed. He has played Duelist exclusively his entire career and Paper Rex already have two players on its roster that take up that role in Jing Jie ‘Jinggg’ Wang and Jason ‘f0rsakeN’ Susanto.

Paper Rex add something to Valorant roster

The VCT Pacific team also already has one sub listed on its roster, Patiphan ‘CigaretteS’ Posri, who is known more as a streamer than a professional player.

Fans last saw Paper Rex at VCT LOCK//IN where the team was eliminated in the first round by Cloud9. In 2022, Paper Rex made every international event and even made the grand final of Masters Copenhagen before losing to FunPlus Phoenix 3-2.

The VCT Pacific League starts on March 25 with DRX taking on ZETA DIVISION in the opening match. Paper Rex will play on the second day of the first week of matches, potentially debuting something against DetonatioN FocusMe.

VCT teams have until March 25 to finalize their roster for the 2023 season as the mid-season transfer window closes and VCT international leagues begin.

Paper Rex Valorant roster:

  • something
  • Jinggg
  • f0rsakeN
  • CigaretteS (substitute)
  • Aaron ‘mindfreak’ Leonhart
  • Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan
  • Khalish ‘d4v41’ Rusyaidee

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