OG Esports and LDN UTD merge in Valorant

Declan Mclaughlin
LDN UTD logo and OG Esports logo side by sideA

LDN UTD and OG Esports have announced that the two organizations are merging in Valorant, branding the LDN UTD team in Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Challengers as OG LDN UTD, the two organizations announced May 6.

LDN UTD has been in Valorant since March 2021 and its team of mainly Lithuanian players qualified for VCT EMEA Challengers in Stage 1 of the circuit.

OG Esports have not seen top competition in Valorant in 2022, failing to make VCT Challengers and instead competing in the French Valorant Regional League during Stage 1.

The merger will not impact either team’s current rosters in their respective leagues outside of OG’s analyst, Tyler ‘Bambino’ Jay, joining LDN UTD.

OG Esports will still field a team in the French league as they announced their starting lineup on May 5, but the players will be released at the end of the season.

The new OG LDN UTD branded squad in Challengers will compete with co-branded jerseys and normal operations for the team will continue under LDN UTD’s Head of Esports Ali “Rezi” Rashid and OG’s Head of Esports, Mike Schwartz according to a press release.

According to two European Valorant insiders, CocoJD and BoDork, other organizations were interested in buying LDN UTD’s Challengers spot as well.

“OG’s reputation in esports is well earned and highly respected, and through this unique partnership we will be able to continue to support our existing VALORANT team and give them the best chance of pursuing success and fulfilling their ambition,” Oliver Weingarten, the founder and CEO of LDN UTD said.

“We look forward to working closely with OG to grow the community and host engaging, joint events with them in London that further our ethos.”

LDN UTD is a relatively new esports organization compared to OG and fields teams in Fifa, League of Legends, and Fortnite as well as Valorant.

LDN UTD placed fifth in the Challengers group in Stage 1 and missed the playoffs, but avoided potential relegation. The newly branded team will start competition in Stage 2 Challengers on May 13.