LOUD’s Saadhak addresses chaotic Pearl composition: “It’s Valorant 2023”

LOUD vs NRG Esports ValorantColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

LOUD and NRG Esports wrote another chapter in their rivalry at VCT LOCK//IN as the Brazilian Valorant squad took the victory 2-1. LOUD’s IGL then addressed the team’s chaotic Pearl compositions that saw both teams play Viper and Harbor.

LOUD and NRG both picked a double Controller composition on the second map, Pearl, of their series at VCT LOCK//IN. The teams picked Viper and Valorant’s newest Agent, Harbor, on the map which created a chaotic match as both teams used smokes and walls to take space and stall pushes.

Both Controllers have a wall and a smoke in their kit and when all four used their abilities at the same time it became hard for viewers, and the players, to track what was happening.

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“Wall after wall after wall after wall,” LOUD IGL Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro said in a post-match press conference. “I pretty much didn’t understand what was happening. But it is what it is. It’s Valorant 2023.”

LOUD and NRG debut double controller Valorant comp on Pearl at VCT LOCK//IN

When asked about what it was like to play as the first point of attack during that map, NRG’s Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks said he mostly just sprayed and prayed.

“I think you just have to spray the common spots where you know they might be,” ardiis said after the match. “But I think when there are four walls up and two orbs you just have to spray and pray a little bit because you’re not really going to get an aim duel when there are so many little angles. So I just sprayed a lot and got a few kills.”

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NRG pulled out the win on Pearl but would go on to lose the series 2-1. LOUD will move on to the playoff stage of VCT LOCK//IN and will get to potentially pull out the same composition when they play again in Match 2.