LOUD Saadhak laughs off Riot’s warning after shooting corpse in VCT Americas match

Jeremy Gan
LOUD Saadhak in a VCT Americas post match interview

LOUD Saadhak laughed off Riot Game’s warning after receiving some stern words for shooting an opponent’s corpse in a VCT Americas match against Leviatán. 

When it comes to player conduct in the server, Riot is a strict tournament organizer. Players have previously been slapped with fines for “air-sucking d***” in Zellsis’ case, or warnings for tea bagging and corpse shooting in Paper Rex’s case

According to Riot’s Esports Global Code of Conduct, pro players aren’t allowed to use gestures to “transmit messages that are obscene, vulgar, provocative”, which is why those previous instances came to light.

And it seems Riot hasn’t taken too kindly to LOUD’s most recent incident of corpse shooting during their VCT Americas match against Leviatán in the group stage. LOUD’s IGL Saadhak revealed he received a warning from Riot for it. 

“What I can say is that I got a from Riot,” Saadhak revealed on his stream. “Because we were shooting the corpse of kiNgg,” Saadhak said as he laughed through it all. 

According to Saadhak, the body shooting was in light retaliation of Leviatán’s Mazino shooting one of their corpses during their first map of Bind. Although, the only player who didn’t have their corpses shot was Aspas. 

This shouldn’t surprise many as Aspas made his name on LOUD before his move to Leviatán in late 2023, winning Champions 2022 and many other trophies with Saadhak as his IGL. 

It’s unknown if Leviatán also got a warning from Riot for shooting bodies, as Riot doesn’t disclose player warnings and fines they give out. So we will need to wait for a Leviatán player to reveal it. 

LOUD is slated to play in the VCT Americas Kickoff playoffs on March 2.

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