Valorant pro Zellsis fined by VCT for explicit gesture on stage

Zellsis fined at VCTColin Young-Wolff for Riot Games

Pro Valorant player Zellsis has been fined by the Valorant Champions Tour after making a rude gesture on stage to his teammates.

The Cloud 9 player was clipped on the official VCT America stream making the explicit gesture halfway through their clash with NRG, after which the camera quickly cut away from him.

However, Zellsis saw the funny side of the situation, and laughed it off when he reacted to the clip that got him fined on his stream later on.

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Zellsis reacts to rude gesture that got him fined

When Zellsis reviewed the clip of his gesture on stream, he immediately burst out laughing, and noted that it was being broadcast on the VCT’s main camera feed for the competitive event.

“And apparently, I’m on the main stream for that sh*t, dude. That got me fined.”

When one of his viewers asked if the $10,000 donation goal was a reference to how much he was fined, Zellsis replied: “Listen. I got a fine, I can’t say how much. Let’s just say that. The 10k is there to just be 10k, you know what I’m saying? Why did I get fined? For air-sucking d*ck.”

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VCT America has already gotten into hot water for issues with broadcasting before, with the flashing lights at one event causing some viewers to have seizures.

However, many viewers disagreed with the decision to fine Zellsis, and voiced their opinions in the comments.

One viewer said: “Can anyone explain to me why would it be something controversial enough for Riot to fine him?”

Another complained: “He coulda got away with it. Honestly so unlucky the camera was focusing on him right when he did that.”

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