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How to use boost exploit to jump higher in Valorant

Published: 9/Sep/2020 19:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Valorant players looking to gain a high ground advantage over their opponents should take note of a special tech that has been recently discovered.

Gaining a vertical edge over your adversaries can help immensely in a tactical shooter such as Valorant, because you have much more to shoot at and view while giving your opposition little to work with.

In a new video by Reddit user ‘kratzk0pp,’ the player revealed he was going to be starting a series where he showcased new tricks he had been using in higher ELO matches.

The first major trick he wanted to share is how to jump higher as any agent in the game. Whether or not Riot intended this to be possible remains to be seen, but considering the steps required, there’s a chance it gets patched out in the future.

Sage can jump higher in Valorant
The new Valorant jump can let you jump higher.

To perform this boost, there are three steps you must follow. First, you’re supposed to stand on a tiny ridge.

Next, you jump and hold crouch. Finally, release the crouch key as soon as you hit the object you want to jump on.

“You need to release the crouch key in the very moment you hit the object you want to jump on. That’s a major difference to what you know from other games. A simple crouch jump as you know it won’t work,” he further explained in the comments.

I discovered how you can jump higher and it’s more useful than you think from VALORANT

That’s it. If you’ve performed all the steps right, you will have boosted yourself up. This can come in super handy too, as kratzk0pp demonstrated with further video examples.

You can combine it with a bunny hop, gain the high ground and quickly snipe foes or even use it in conjunction with a Sage wall. This can create some nice opportunities to surprise your opponents who will never see you coming.

As we said, it’s always possible that Riot patches this jump – but until they do, taking advantage of the boost can be the difference between winning and losing. Practice it while you can.


Summit1G explains the biggest issue with Valorant’s Stinger

Published: 23/Oct/2020 13:09

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar is a fairly accomplished gamer in many realms and genres — but he has vowed to never use the Stinger SMG in Valorant ever again after a rough go of it.

Riot Games’ first foray into the first-person shooter genre has been a success, with many top streamers and pro players from other games immediately falling in love with the gameplay and making the switch to it.

Obviously, while the game is fun, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, as any player will attest to, whether it be the Agents’ abilities, bugs, or weapons in the game.

Now, Summit has had it with one particular gun: the Stinger SMG. And he’s promised to never use it again.

Valorant Stinger
Riot Games
The Stinger is commonly regarded as one of the worst weapons in the game.

While playing as Omen on Haven, Summit’s team was taking a beating, down 11-3, and he decided to buy the Stinger to see if it can help turn the team’s fortunes around.

As luck would have it, his team did actually win the round — no thanks to Summit’s Stinger, though.

“That’s not my aim, that gun sucks d**k,” he said, as his chat started laughing at some of his missed shots. “You shoot that gun for three bullets before it just does what it wants. I will never buy that gun again, dude. I don’t know how people play like this.”

As specified in our guide to the very best weapons in Valorant, the Stinger is arguably one of the worst guns in the game.

The Spectre SMG is far more favorable in its class, so we’ll likely see Summit opt to use that more in the future if he wants a submachine gun and to rush into the thick of the action. At the very least, we know full well that he won’t be touching the Stinger again unless it gets a considerable buff.