G2 Valorant reportedly set to drop Pyth & Davidp after First Strike struggles

G2 Esports pyth and davidpG2 Esports

In a shocking turn of events, G2 Esports have reportedly parted ways with Valorant players pyth and Davidp after a disappointing First Strike run. 

Update on December 8 at 4:55 (GMT)

neLendirekt has released a follow up tweet explaining that pyth will remain with the team but Davidp has been released. They also note that an official announcement from G2 will come in the following days.

Original story follows below.

G2 Esports came into First Strike Europe as the favorites to take the crown. Their track record before the tournament was impeccable, and with names like Mixwell and Ardiis on the roster the Berlin-based team seemed to be unstoppable.

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This wasn’t exactly what happened though, with the fan favorite roster finishing in a meager 3rd-4th position after being beaten by the tournament’s eventual winners, Team Heretics.

According to a tweet from renowned insider neLendirekt, this has spurred on a whole host of roster changes, leaving Jacob ‘pyth’ Mourujärvi and David ‘Davidp’ Prins without a team.

G2 Esports Odyssey Valorant WinAllied Esports via. Twitter
This G2 roster has stomped a whole host of competitions, but First Strike proved too difficult.

G2 bench pyth and Davidp

Despite G2’s disappointing performance during Valorant First Strike Europe, pyth and Davidp had some clutch performances that highlighted their ability to play the game.

Although their performances didn’t quite carry the squad to the finals, pyth’s Cypher dominated the map in silence and Davidp’s Rolling Thunder on Breach often facilitated easy wins. Despite this, neLendirekt’s report claims that both players have been removed from the team.

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Stating that “the team is looking for a real leader, something they lack and which certainly limits their possibilities,” neLendirekt implies that a stronger hand is needed to steer G2 to Valorant glory. Additionally, they point out that G2 want the team to make the move to the German capital in order to coordinate their practice better.

While there has been no confirmation as of yet from G2, Dexerto have reached out to the European superstars for clarity, so check back here for the latest updates on the situation.