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FaZe Clan announce complete Valorant roster for VCT Stage 2

Published: 27/Apr/2022 22:34

by Alan Bernal


FaZe Clan have unveiled its rebuilt Valorant roster ahead of VCT Stage 2 in hopes of improving its 2022 run and challenging for a Champions spot.

The red-and-black have officially brought on Sova specialist Jake ‘POACH’ Brumleve, smokes player Phat ‘supamen’ Le, and Kevin ‘POISED’ Ngo. Long-time FaZe star who spearheaded ‘the smeag,’ Andrej ‘BABYBAY’ Francisty will lead the new-look squad along with Quan ‘dicey’ Tran.

This five-man comp came together for the April tourney of the Knights Gauntlet Circuit where they placed third behind Ghost Gaming and TSM.

FaZe are going to look to build on the team’s performance with NA VCT Stage 2 looming, one of the last chances for orgs to qualify for the end-of-the-year Champions event


FaZe Clan Valorant roster for VCT Challenger 2

FaZe Clan announced its revamped lineup on April 27 just days ahead of its S2C1 debut in the Upper Round of 32.

The FaZe Valorant roster swapped out three of its five members since its exit from VCT Stage 1 2022 at the hands of the Andbox, who has since rebranded to NYFU.

Its early 2022 roster failed to make it into Challengers after bowing out in the second Open Qualifier, which saw them miss the first international LAN event of the year.

POISED was excited to reunite with supamen on FaZe after the duo helped RISE Nation reach Top-5 in NA before they fizzled out in early 2022.


“Joined FaZe Clan with my brother for life, blessed for the opportunity. Let’s do this s**t,” POISED said of supamen after the announcement.

Joshua ‘JDM’ Marzano is staying on to coach and refine the lineup to have a better outlook in the upcoming Challengers.

FaZe find itself on the same side of the Round of 32 bracket as the Sentinels and will look to go further on this Challengers stage than their last outing.

FaZe Clan 2022 Valorant roster:

  • Andrej ‘BABYBAY’ Francisty
  • Quan ‘dicey’ Tran
  • Jake ‘POACH’ Brumleve
  • Phat ‘supamen’ Le
  • Kevin ‘POISED’ Ngo