FaZe Clan unveil entire Valorant roster for VCT 2022

faze clan valorant 2022FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan have revealed their entire Valorant team ahead of VCT 2022, with star ace Andrej ‘babybay’ Francisty returning to lead the rebuilt roster.

The team is bringing back ‘the smeag’ innovator, babybay, who’s taking charge of the next FaZe lineup with new faces in almost every position.

After a disappointing finish to 2021, FaZe made wholesale changes to improve its chances in Year 2 of Riot’s Valorant circuit.

This also means a different in-game leader (IGL) will take the helm for the red-and-black which could lead to a drastically new playstyle in 2022.

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FaZe Clan Valorant roster 2022

The new FaZe Clan roster consists of returning Jett main babybay (26) alongside Quan ‘dicey’ Tran, Xavier ‘flyuh’ Carlson, Christopher ‘LarryBanks’ Doyi and Andrew ‘ShoT_UP’ Orlowski.

Flyuh (18) will take up the IGL role to lead FaZe in the server while former CSGO pro and head coach Joshua ‘JDM’ Marzano and assistant coach Thomas ‘Trippy’ Schappy support from behind the scenes.

Dicey (19) was previously on 100 Thieves’ promising mid-2021 roster before officially leaving the org in November. Both LarryBanks (16) and ShoT_UP (22) were brought on as promising talents from team Elysium and Immortals, respectively.

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faze clan valorant 2022FaZe Clan Twitter
FaZe Clan are heading into 2022 with a brand new look to its Valorant team.

FaZe Clan were known throughout the NA Valorant scene for its full-send tactics that defined its aggressive playstyle, referred to by fans and players as ‘smeagin.’

While the shoot-first approach netted them some semblance of success, the VCT competition quickly figured out how to stop it in its tracks.

Heading into VCT 2022, FaZe might look to adopt a different philosophy with its refreshed lineup to compete for a spot in the year-end Valorant Champions event.

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FaZe Clan 2022 Valorant roster:

  • Andrej ‘babybay’ Francisty
  • Quan ‘dicey’ Tran
  • Xavier ‘flyuh’ Carlson
  • Christopher ‘LarryBanks’ Doyi
  • Andrew ‘ShoT_UP’ Orlowski

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