39daph perfectly explains the dreaded “Valorant” accent

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39daph valorant

Twitch star Daphne ’39daph’ Wai explained why nobody should date anyone who has adopted the specific accent Valorant players get when they play (or watch) too much of the FPS.

If you’ve ever queued up for a round of Valorant with voice chat enabled, you may have come across players with a specific cadence to their speech.

This has become known as the “Valorant” accent, popularized in the games community by players like TenZ.

Streamer 39daph went viral with a clip explaining how the accent works and delivered a perfect metaphor to describe how it sounds.

Daphne has over 1 million followers on Twitch.

39daph on the Valorant accent

A post on the Valorant subreddit went massively viral with a clip of Daphne describing how Valorant-speak works.

“I watched some TikToks and then I realized you should never date anyone that has a Valorant accent. If you don’t know what the Valorant accent is, it’s when they talk like this: ‘You are so braaaain-dead, dude! You are literally throwing! Go next! You’re literally troooling dude, no cap.'”

The accent drags out words much longer than usual and Daphne explained exactly what it sounds like, “You know what I just realized? They talk like race car engines.”

The car engine comparison is quite fitting as the accent tends to rev up words throughout a sentence where players malign their teammates.

The post, from user ultron290196, has over 20k upvotes in just one day after it was posted.

One user in the comment section has an epiphany after watching the video, “Oh. She just described my 14-year-old brother. This explains a lot, lmao.”

Beware of succumbing to the Valorant accent yourself, or you will be at risk of sounding like a car engine.

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