EXCEL’s paTiTek claims Acend “aren’t superior” to VCT rivals

valorant player patitek playingWojciech Maślanka

Acend shocked the world with their spectacular Valorant Champions Tour win in 2021, but EXCEL’s Patryk ‘paTiTek’ Fabrowski doesn’t think they’ll dominate the circuit in 2022.

The debut iteration of the global Valorant Champions Tour was characterized by sick plays, jaw-dropping 1v1s and, of course, a wealth of upsets.

Titans like Sentinels, Vision Strikers, and Fnatic all fell long before the final hurdle, leaving European underdogs Acend to take on CIS behemoths Gambit in a purely EMEA final.

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While Acend walked away with the title of inaugural VCT Champions, EXCEL’s paTiTek doesn’t believe that they’re invincible. In fact, he thinks quite the opposite.

Valorant Champions Tour VCT winners Acend with trophyLance Skundrich, Riot Games
Acend walked away with the VCT trophy, but paTiTek is ready for his shot at glory.

paTiTek believes Acend are very beatable

While Acend have proven themselves to be pretty fierce on the Future Earth battlefield, paTiTek resoundingly believes that “we can 100% beat them.”

“Maybe the top five teams from EU at the moment or the top three can beat them,” he told Dexerto. “Of course, as EXCEL we are striving to be the top three, or even top one, so I don’t feel like they are [superior] right now to the others.

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“It’s not like you play against them and it’s like, ‘Holy f**k, we can’t play against them, what are they doing? It’s impossible to play against them.’ It’s not like that. When you play against them a little bit, you get used to some things. When you’re building a good team, and you develop good habits, and good micro and macro play, you can play against anyone. It just comes down to how you’re going to execute things, and how you’re going to play things out.”

Even though he noted that Acend “are close to perfection”, he stressed that no team is unbeatable in Valorant. “There’s going to be a lot of teams that will anti-strat them, there are a lot of teams built to challenge them. So yeah, I feel like there’ll be a lot of challengers to Acend.”

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With the first leg of VCT 2022 already off to a flying start, it’ll be interesting to see if paTiTek and EXCEL can topple Europe’s finest in a blaze of glory.