EDG’s star Valorant player claims Chinese teams will dominate VCT Masters Madrid

Daniel Appleford

Valorant player ZmjjKK issued the other teams attending Masters Madrid a warning after winning the Chinese Kickoff.

For the 2024 season Riot Games expanded its reach for the VCT by allowing China to have its own region. Previously, Chinese teams would have to complete through VCT Pacific to make it to international events.

With the introduction of the Chinese league came another set of franchised teams. Some of which have a storied history within esports like FPX and EDG.

One player from EDG, ZmjjKK, wanted to show their opponents that just because they were a new region, did not mean they were new to the game.

EDG ZmjjKK talks tough before Masters Madrid

In a post-match interview following EDG’s win over FPX, ZmjjKK was asked if he had anything to say to the other regions.

“I want you guys to know, the two teams coming [from our region] this time can all chew your bones to pieces,” said ZmjjKK through translation.

Commenters underneath the post weren’t impressed by the trash talk, especially considering that China has historically not done well at international Valorant events. However, a new league means a new set of players who are hungry to show what they are made of. EDG placed 5th/6th at Champions last year and had a similar performance at Masters Tokyo.

“Said something similar last year too,” said one commenter.

“And his team got top 6 back to back,” replied another. “Better than all of NA besides EG last year. Better than all of EMEA besides FNC last year.”

Masters Madrid begins on March 14 and will feature the top two teams from each region. The eight total teams will compete for prize money and additional circuit points for champions.