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“Broken” Valorant angle gives Jett leg up defending on Bind

Published: 25/May/2020 2:57

by Brad Norton


Jett-mains have uncovered a ridiculous spot on Bind that could give defending teams the upper hand in Valorant. Here’s what you need to look out for until the next patch.

Holding unorthodox angles is a great way to find some early picks when playing defensively. You force the opposing team to enter unfavorable gunfights and could swing an entire round based on an opening engagement.

As players grow more and more familiar with these angles, however, it can be more challenging to win with the element of surprise. A newly discovered spot on Bind is giving Jett a unique line of sight that no one could ever predict.


Riot Games
Jett is able to reach this new spot thanks to her ‘Updraft’ ability.

If you’re in the midst of a competitive match, the last thing you want to lose to is a cheesy glitch. Fortunately, Reddit user ‘therateater’ has exposed a bizarre spot on Bind that allows Jett to stand on the smallest of ledges.

While defending B-site, Jett is surprisingly able to Updraft herself to a new vantage point right above the opening in ‘hookah.’

Broken defense Jett spot on Bind from VALORANT

Standing on an extremely thin surface, Jett is able to stay above the popular entry-point. From here, she could easily shut down an aggressive push as enemies jump out below. 

Not only that, but she also gains a clear line of sight to both openings from the defending spawn. The clearly unintentional spot gives the Agent an extremely powerful overview of the entire site.


If enemies are pushing through B-long, there’s almost no chance they would ever consider checking above hookah. It’s not a well-known spot and therefore, Jett could easily find a few opening picks before being shut down.

Riot Games
Checking above hookah isn’t a common habit.

Obviously this spot becomes redundant after a few attempts as enemies start to catch on. But it could prove absolutely vital in game-deciding rounds. 

Be sure to keep this broken spot in the back of your mind as you push onto the B-site of Bind in your next session. It’s likely this bug won’t see a fix until Valorant’s full release on June 2.