Brilliant Brimstone Molly spots are clutch on Valorant’s Bind map

Bill Cooney

Brimstone’s Molly ability is one of the best at denying space in all of Valorant, and a new clip contains a wealth of information on how to use it on Bind’s A Reactor Site.

The Molly ability is basically CSGO’s Molotov in Valorant – after it hits the ground it produces an area of fire on the ground that will damage enemies if they’re caught in it or walk into the flames. It can also do a great job at denying players the chance to defuse the spike.

Valorant's Brimstone.
Including Molly, Brimstone’s kit would be familiar to any CS:GO veteran.

For Bind’s A Site, which is arguably the more popular of the two to push, Reddit user ‘technomanxy’ put together a nice compilation filled with info on the best spots to Molly and deny the enemy team an easy defuse.

The first is for the spot just inside the L-shaped boxed on the A point leading out from Showers. You can just shoot out the door at the Spike, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, you could shoot it through the hole in the Shower ceiling, that we didn’t even know existed until this video, to get the same effect.

The next one also uses the opening, but by aiming just a little to the left of the first shot, you can drop it right on the ground in front of the truck, another popular spot for Spike planting.

Finally the last spot shown in the clip puts the Molly right next to the truck on the attacker’s side, which can also be done from the alleyway, but the spot shared by technoman is definitely a bit safer.

All you have to do is make your way up to the high ground just between the Alley and Showers, then aim up at the corner of the building closest to you and let it fly.

Viper could also use these spots to send out her Snake Bite.

Other heroes, like Viper and Sage, could also use these spots for their Snake Bite and Slow Orbs, but Brimstone might be the best bet at denying defenders from getting to the spike.

One important thing to note is that Molly won’t do enough damage to kill a fully armored up player, and it won’t last long enough to completely stop defenders, but combined with a little bit of patience and some decent aim, it can definitely help you take the round in style.