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How to deny Valorant players from defusing Haven spike as Sova

Published: 4/Jul/2020 19:38

by Alan Bernal


Sova can protect the spike on Haven with an impressive amount of success in Valorant, all people need to do is find the creative lineups for his Shock Bolts to connect.

Being effective with Sova, who has an ability kit with meaningful long-range scouting tools and damage-dealing projectiles, means making full use of his bow’s charge meter and bounce options.

Optimally using both mechanics can make a simple arrow delivery become dynamic and disorienting for opposing sides, rather than a telegraphed projectile that drudges its way to its mark.


Riot Games
Sova is equipped to be Valorant’s best long-range threat.

Finding these sweet spots can be a pain but, after putting in the work like content creator ‘Average Jonas,’ the effectiveness of Sova’s overall kit starts to shine when trying to protect a ticking spike.

On Haven’s C side, the popular default plant nestled in the corner of the boxes can let Attackers retreat to the long corridor that spills into the site.

Jonas showed that here is where the character can become a problematic cog for the Defender’s plan. There are two lineups that the streamer showed off which can lend itself to a perfect C site hold from far away.


Average Jonas Reddit
When lining up against the wall, this is the initial lineup that will let you hit Sova’s arrows with perfection.

Playing from the safety of Long C, once you hear a Defender defusing the spike, put your back to their spawn side wall while lining up the corner in front of you with the vertical wood panel on the opposite building.

In this spot, you can do two lineups in quick succession as Jonas showed. First, aim at the sky so the “bottom-left HUD line into the hole of the leaves” of the nearby tree.

After that, give the Shock Bolt a one-bar charge with no bounces and let it fly. Then quickly adjust your aim to single-bounce a two-charge bar arrow off of the wooden beam above the blue part of the wall.


A very stylish double shockdart kill + Tutorial from VALORANT

If there’s someone on the spike, these lineups will give a vicious one-two hit for them that could deliver an instant killing blow.

Good arrow uses like this can unlock Sova as one of the most potent long-range threats among the cast of Agents in Valorant.