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Bizarre Valorant trick lets Sova scout tricky angles on Split

Published: 21/Jun/2020 1:22

by Alan Bernal


Sova’s arrows can penetrate through Split’s B site with relative ease thanks to a lineup in Valorant that lets it slip under the wooden fence to reveal anyone hiding behind the obstacle.

Valorant players have been discovering the strangest scouting locations where Sova’s arrows can get a wealth of information from. There’s even been tricky arrows that lets players play with the limitations of the game to land the perfect Recon Bolt.

On Split, there are a ton of openings for him to make use of to break into or defend a site, but it doesn’t matter how good an arrow is if a telegraphed shot lets people break it before it’s able to get any info.


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That’s why ‘zSeabeard’ was pleasantly surprised to find that the wooden structure on the B site of Split can let his darts bounce under it.

The lineup is straightforward since all it takes to replicate is to look down at the small space between the end of the wooden fence and the floor. There’s a narrow bit of breathing room there that made zSeabeard wonder if more abilities could also move through it.

zSeabeard via Reddit
Hitting Sova’s ability under the fence still lets it go through.

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“I think [the Sova lineup is] nice when you’re attacking [or] shooting under the sign to see if anyone is behind it,” they said. “Plus it sticks on the wall so you can still see others in the default plant spot.”


The biggest takeaway is that this arrow lets players safely get a peek into what could be happening behind B site’s infamous corner.

This is a popular spot for one or two Agents to be holed up, waiting for someone in Heaven to distract the oncoming players.

A new (?) cheeky Sova dart spot on Split B Site for attacking/defending from VALORANT

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But even on defense they showed how this angle could be disastrous for an attacking team. Since the lineup works on both sides of the wooden barrier, a Sova on the Defending side has a way to look all the way into B Garage without exposing themselves.

Like with most Recon Bolt placements in Valorant, this is situational but can give him – and possibly other Agents – a safe way to thwart the other team’s plan.