Best Valorant stat trackers to use in 2023

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Trying to keep track of your wins and losses in Valorant? Need to check your performance on a new agent? We’ve got you covered – these are the best Valorant stat trackers to use.

There are many Valorant stat tracking services to pick from, each bringing unique ways of analyzing your performance and improving your skills in-game.

Whether it’s knowing what map you’re weakest on, or checking how well you perform against Reyna as Yoru, stat trackers give players an extra edge over their opponents with in-depth performance statistics and game analysis.

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As Riot Games continues to shift up the status quo and add new Agents to the game, having a decent stat tracker is a must for anyone trying to keep on top of the meta. Here’s our list of the best Valorant stat trackers in 2023.

What are the best Valorant stat trackers?



Valtracker remains one of the most powerful Valorant stat trackers in 2023, and with monthly updates and new features, it’s one of the best-supported ones as well.

In-game, you’ll receive a custom breakdown of each team and their strongest performers, with an innovative medal system that grades your performance in different categories. Accuracy, movement, and even headshots are kept track of, letting you analyze your games between rounds or after the match.

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Valtracker also gives you updates on out-of-game content as well, such as your battle pass and agent unlock progress. It’ll even let you create a customized skin wishlist, and send you notifications when items on that list go on sale in the shop.

With tons of customizable options and a sleek look, Valtracker is an easy recommendation for those looking to rank up as quickly and stylishly as possible.

If you’re looking for something more casual and don’t want to install software as intense as Valtracker, is your best bet. While it does have a Windows download, the web browser version has a lot of versatility that gives a less competitive Valorant player an extra boost in the rankings.

Article continues after ad also has built-in guides to help you with crosshair placement, lineups, and gun economy, which makes it ideal for newer players who are still learning the ropes.

It also regularly updates its leaderboards and news bulletin, giving you an easy way to keep track of your favorite pro players and the esports scene. stat tracker is your one-stop shop for guides and tricks, with an entire library of curated videos that range from “easy” to “pro” difficulty. For Valorant players who have mastered the basics but want to take their mastery of one specific agent to the next level, there’s no better place to learn.

Article continues after ad is focused on building game sense, and uses in-game overlays to give you constant updates on what’s going on in-game, such as how well your teammates have been performing recently.

It also maintains a regularly updated map and agent tier list, giving players extra insight into the current meta.

How to use Valorant stat trackers

Most stat trackers work by drawing data from your Riot account, which is then compiled into the stats in your browser. This will work for the browser versions of and

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However, many stat trackers will have downloadable versions that are significantly more powerful, and enable in-game content. For this, you’ll have to go to the tracker’s website, press “download”, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Some trackers are run through additional software such as Overwolf. This software will also need to be installed to get the tracker to work.

After the tracker is installed, boot up Valorant, and check if it’s working. You may be required to restart your device after installation. After that, you’re good to go!

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