How Babybay’s plan saved FaZe Clan in VCT Stage 2

FaZe Clan power of smeag BabybayDexerto

FaZe Clan struggled early in Valorant, but Overwatch star Andrej ‘Babybay’ Francisty has taken the scene by storm in VCT. How did he do it? Through the power of his patented smeag style.

CS:GO pros believed they had the winning formula for Valorant. However, Babybay and FaZe Clan have proven stars from other games like Overwatch can perform just as well.

FaZe’s aggressive “smeag” playstyle has won the hearts of Valorant fans, and taken them to the top of NA.

With a new coach in Thomas ‘Trippy’ Schappy and the “sophisticated smeag,” Babybay is ready to take FaZe Clan to the VCT Masters LAN in Iceland.