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100 Thieves announce CS:GO vet Steel as new addition to Valorant roster

Published: 4/Sep/2020 22:11 Updated: 4/Sep/2020 22:36

by Theo Salaun


After completely dismantling their Valorant roster and deciding to rebuild around Hiko and nitr0, 100 Thieves have officially signed highly touted free agent and former CS:GO champion, steel, to their team.

Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan has struck championship glory time and time again in CS:GO since 2010 and, following his retirement from Counter-Strike to pursue Valorant on August 31, many have wondered who would be the first to enlist his professional abilities. Despite speculation that T1, who dropped two players on September 3, would be the ones to do it – 100 Thieves have apparently beaten them to the punch.


Captained by Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin, steel now forms a reputable trio alongside Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella for 100T. After a series of disappointing performances, the team dropped Alfred ‘Pride’ Choi, Diondre ‘YaBoiDre’ Bond, Zachary ‘Venerated’ Roach, and Keane ‘Valliate’ Alonso on August 14 and brought in nitr0.

Many wondered when the new roster would continue to take shape and, less than a month later, steel’s acquisition has answered that question.


The team now looks to be one of Valorant’s most star-powered, as Hiko and nitr0 have both grained notoriety in the new game following successful, multi-championship CS:GO careers.

On September 1, rumors circulated that steel was receiving offers from both 100 Thieves and T1. The 100 Thieves speculation picked up steam, given their roster space, but T1’s September 3 releases of both Austin ‘crashies’ Roberts and Victor ‘food’ Wong drove speculation toward their end.

That fit felt reasonable, as steel had played with T1’s Braxton ‘brax’ Pierce, Keven ‘AZK’ Lariviere, and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham on iBUYPOWER’s CS:GO roster before it was banned from competition for match-fixing. While fans are likely to be disappointed that steel won’t be joining their roster for an iBP reunion, 100 Thieves supporters seem excited by their acquisition.


In responses to the team’s announcement on Twitter, fans have ranged from applauding Hiko and nitr0’s involvement in the decision to calling it a massive W and just generally expressing a lot of excitement with the corroborating caps lock and exclamation points. The only concern some has is that this leaves one less roster spot available for fan-favorite potential addition, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.


Could Valorant get League-style Clash tournaments in-client soon?

Published: 7/Oct/2020 3:31

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s competitive system is getting another overhaul in Ignition Act 3, with more strict party restrictions, changes to progression, and more. However, with the “tighter rank queue,” could the door be opening for in-client tournaments, like League of Legends’ Clash, in Valorant?

Valorant’s competitive experience is not only an important point for players, but Riot themselves. The tactical FPS was designed with competition in mind, from the way the game was optimized, to its basic mechanics.


Whether Valorant’s competitive queue has lived up to that expectation is a different story though. The experience has been widely criticized by players due to numerous factors: no solo-duo queue, no leaderboards, a confusing progression system, and more.

Riot are vowing to change some of these things in Act 3. They are reducing the squad rank disparity limit from six tiers to three. They are also aiming at adding a cap on party sizes at high ranks, a leaderboard, and a more clear progression system early in 2021.


With these changes though, friends won’t be able to queue up for ranked if their ranks are too far apart. This has opened the door for Riot to implement in-client tournaments like they did for League of Legends with Clash, and they’re entertaining the suggestion.

“We’ve heard from others that there is a desire for even more organized team play, but just not in the same queue,” design director Joe Ziegler told players while outlining the Act 3 competitive changes. “We hear you on these things, [but] they may take some time to implement.”

Clash in League of Legends was a replacement for the old ranked fives queue. Instead, teams of friends can take part in monthly tournaments, being seeded into a bracket based on their rank and playing against teams of a similar skill level. There’s also in-game prizes on the line.


A similar system has been yearned for by Valorant players since the game’s release. Riot have indicated that such a feature could be closer than ever with the Act 3 changes. However, it’s still in development for the time being.

League of Legends Clash client team building page
Riot Games
Clash lets League players team up with friends to take part in in-client tournaments. There’s also prizing for the winners.

“We know there are many of you that like to queue competitive with friends of a wide skill range. We see this demand for this kind of team-based competition, and it’s on our roadmap,” competitive design lead David ‘Milkcow’ Cole said.

“We’re excited on our end to get this team-based feature up and rolling but it’ll be a bit before it’s out live ⁠— it’s a large feature,” he added on Reddit after the changes were announced on October 5.



Valorant players should definitely get excited at the prospect of League-style in-client tournaments. It’ll add a more structured competitive experience to Valorant, where you can queue with friends to try and take down other five-stacks in a competitive setting without jeopardizing your rank.


There will also likely be prizes on the line. While League of Legends has profile banners, icons, and skins on the line, maybe in Valorant special player cards, tags, and skins could be drafted up to celebrate those who win. The possibilities are endless, and only time will tell what Riot has in stock for players.