Amputee’s one-handed Valorant setup goes viral

Amputee shows how to play ValorantRiot Games

Valorant can be one of the most complicated PC games on the market, requiring some pin-point aiming in conjunction with being able to time abilities on the spot to get their maximum value. While this may seem daunting, it was a challenge that a congenital amputee was hungry to take on.

In a post on Reddit that has since gone viral, the appropriately named BionicGamer323 revealed the setup he uses to play Valorant and dominate the competition.

BionicGamer323 has a residual limb, more commonly known as a “stump” as his left arm while he’s able to use his right hand normally on the mouse.

“Using my stump on the keyboard always feels like a ball rolling on different keys close to each other,” he explained in the comments. “Whenever I start playing a new game, I always try to configure most of the keys in a small radius that includes Q-W-E-R-A-S-D-F-Z-X-1-2-3-Shift and Tab.”

As you can see in the video, the gamer is able to move around quite easily. If it wasn’t for the “hand cams,” you would have no idea that he had a residual limb.

This didn’t come easy, however. He further explained that over the years, his “nub has developed excellent muscle memory to hit these exact keys without looking.”

So, while moving around in-game isn’t a problem, using abilities and getting the most out of agents could be. Luckily, he uses a special mouse that gives him easy access to all the tools he needs on his right hand.

Amputee plays ValorantReddit/BionicGamer323
BionicGamer’s setup lets him play with one hand and a “stump”

BionicGamer’s Logitech mouse has a whopping five extra buttons that he can configure to whatever he wants. “It gives me incredible control over complex games like Fortnite, Valorant, etc. and I can call myself a semi-pro player!”

In the video he shared, you can see how he uses the additional buttons for jumping, abilities, Ultimates and more.

The setup has paid dividends too. The Valorant player is currently Silver 1, so clearly he’s more than capable of playing the game, winning rounds and leading his team to victory.

BionicGamer's Valorant rankReddit/BionicGamer323
BionicGamer is Silver ranked.

While this may seem great for now, BionicGamer is looking to get a bionic arm and is running a fundraiser to help get one.

It just goes to show that with a little practice, even complex games such as Valorant can be enjoyed by anyone.