MTG Duskmourn Enchantment is a game-changer for removal 

Jack Bye

Nowhere to Run is one of MTG Duskmourn’s most intriguing early offerings. This Enchantment is an efficient way to pierce through opponents’ protection effects and take out their biggest threats. 

The new modern horror plane of Duskmourn is only just beginning to be unveiled, but so far, the set is shaping up to be one of 2024’s best additions to Magic: The Gathering.  

With powerful Creatures that can take any match into the endgame, as well as intriguing new Artifacts with deadly drawbacks, Duskmourn’s flavor and mechanics are both on-point. 

Nowhere to Run is a black-mana Enchantment that can be cast for just 1B. Thanks to the Flash ability, Nowhere to Run can be cast at any time you could cast an Instant, allowing it to serve as quick, reactive removal thanks to its –3/-3 effect. 

While its -3/-3 is nothing to sniff at, the real potential of this card comes from its ongoing effect. While Nowhere to Run is on the field, opponents’ Creatures can be targeted even if they have Hexproof, and their Ward effects will not trigger. 

MTG Duskmourn Nowhere to Run
Nowhere to Run Enchantment from MTG’s Duskmourn set

This ability is huge for players who have grown sick of how increasingly nonviable targeting removal was becoming in modern-day magic. 

The Ward ability, while intended to be a more reasonable alternative to blanket protection like Shroud and Hexproof, has proven to be problematic given how liberally Wizards has handed out the mechanic. 

Overpowered Creatures like Murders at Karlov Manor’s Voja, Voice of the Conclave would be more reasonable without their Ward protection. As a result, Nowhere to Run will be heralded by many MTG players as a much-needed addition to the game, somewhat lessening the overreliance on board wiping over targeted removal. 

Nowhere to Run still can’t do anything about the Shroud ability, leaving some forms of protection intact. However, Shroud has mostly been phased out of MTG relevance outside of some all-timers like Lightning Greaves. 

Nowhere to Run will be able to negate almost every type of protection you’re likely to encounter when Duskmourn launches on September 27. 

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