Twitch employees fear recent layoffs will result in greater “safety” issues for viewers

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Former Twitch employees have begun sharing concerns online that the recent string of layoffs from Amazon, as well as their desire to outsource many major areas of the brand, could lead to a compromise of “safety” for viewers and those who engage with Twitch.

At the beginning of April, it was revealed that Amazon streaming service Twitch would be laying off hundreds of staff members. These employees include over 400 from Twitch as well as an additional 100 from Amazon’s gaming vertical.

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In light of this, many ex-employees from Twitch have begun speaking out against the company, specifically on how their new direction could lead to more harm than good for the overall brand.

Most recently, reports from Bloomberg outline how Twitch’s alleged desire to outsource many of their major teams could impact the integrity and “safety” of viewers.

“Twitch’s layoffs cut back moderation and responsible AI teams, which sources say could impact safety on the site. Twitch plans to outsource more. Lots of tech companies cut moderation during layoffs, but Twitch has unique safety challenges.”

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The article then delves deeper into the recent layoffs and what cutting back on responsible AI teams could mean for the future. After all, AI is becoming an ever-increasing issue in the tech industry and space.

As a result, many were quick to jump on social media, voicing their disappointment and concerns at the change and what this could mean for the younger audience who engage with Twitch.

One Twitter user writing, “the safety of children on Twitch and Discord has been absolutely impacted but let’s face it neither of these companies care. Issues are reported, incidents are reported and ignored. Honestly, it’s shameful. Why do they bother having a TOS if they don’t enforce it?”

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This isn’t the only controversy that Twitch is currently facing. When the company announced its upcoming TwitchCon Paris 2023 event, partners of the service were quick to point out that they will no longer be able to get a 50% off tickets, a deal that had been put in place previously to encourage partners to attend.

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