New Twitch feature lets streamers warn rule-breaking chatters

Dylan Horetski
Twitch on cell phone

Twitch has launched a feature that lets users warn their chatters for breaking one of their channel rules, adding another option for managing harassment.

Harassment from viewers on Twitch has been an issue for years now, and the Amazon-owned company has continued to create ways for streamers to handle it.

On June 5, 2024, Twitch revealed the latest option to help with harassment from chatters: Chat Warnings.

“Starting today, you and your mods can use the new Chat Warnings feature to send anonymous warnings to chatters who are acting out of line. They’ll need to acknowledge the warning before they can chat again,” they said in a tweet.

Twitch’s help page goes into further detail, explaining that they developed the new tool after hearing that streamers often do an informal three-strike system for managing chatters who break their rules.

“You can use the Chat Warnings feature to anonymously send warnings to chatters, which specify the specific chat rules they have broken or display a customizable reason that you enter,” it reads.

Instead of relying on verbal warnings, streamers and mods will be able to issue an anonymous warning to anyone breaking channel rules. Once issued, the affected chatter will have to acknowledge the warning before being able to chat again.

Users quickly took to the replies of the comments to share their thoughts about the new tool, and many are quite excited for it.

“Amazing! This way warning someone doesn’t disrupt the stream as much,” one user replied.

Another commented: “HUGE TWITCH W.”

“This is very helpful and really cool, thanks,” a third said.

This comes just days after Twitch revealed that they will be raising the price of channel subs in over 30 countries, with the United States getting an increase of $1 a month.