Alinity mindblown after finding “burp compilation” video of herself

Alinity burp compilationAlinity | Twitch

Alinity was sent a video that compiled many of her on-stream burps, all put into a condensed and edited video. The content of the video and comments below it left her mindblown.

Streamers who make a living on Twitch spend a lot of time on camera. While YouTubers have the luxury of editing their videos and filtering content, streamers put themselves out there every time they go live.

There are people like Ludwig who lock themselves in a glass box for 50 hours and sleep on camera as an extreme example, but every careered streamer has spent hours and hours of their life on camera.

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Alinity was shocked to find a “burp compilation” of herself on YouTube, a video that consisted of clips across many of her livestreams of her passing gas. The video and comments below it left her flabbergasted.

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Alinity discovers “burp compilation” video of herself

A video titled “New Alinity Burp Compilation” is made up of short clips where the streamer burped on camera, and was published by a YouTube channel named “Girl Burp Videos”.

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After watching a bit of it on stream and a quick scroll through the comments, Alinity found another girl burp channel dedicated to uploading these kinds of clips, along with an entire comments section with positive comments like, “Let’s go! Perfect compilation!”

“Who makes these?!” Alinity shouted in complete disbelief. She quickly went from concerned to just laughing at the whole situation as she scrolled through the comments section.

Additionally, the channel has dozens of videos that have clipped women burping on various streams, whether it be Instagram live, TikTok, or Twitch.

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While the video may seem harmless, a commenter added that similar content is regularly taken down. Because of this, it’s safe to say these videos skate on the edge of what’s allowed on YouTube.

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